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 Do You Hear the Music? {Adel Schmidt}

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PostSubject: Do You Hear the Music? {Adel Schmidt}   Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:09 am

Name : Adel Schmidt

Age : Twenty-five

Job : Musican--mainly a pianist

Birthday : Summer 28

House : N/A

Farm's/Store Name : N/A

Characteristic : Standing stoic, his icy stare tend to turn away many. He has a cold disposition, but has the willingness to listen. Hes a bit of a pessimistic fellow, so he tends to look at more of the down-sides to things. He gets very panicy though if stuck in a crowded room with a lot of people.

Story : Adel was born and raised in the country of Germany, physically born in Berlin. He grew up speaking fluent German, secretly teaching himself English since his father never approved of Western culture. At the age of five, he first sat down in front of the grand piano of his massive home, lightly pressing on random keys, making soft sounds. It intrigued him very much, but his opinions of the music was silenced by his parents as his mother was close to deaf and his father so strict about what happened in the house. He never brought it up until his father walked in on his playing a chord. It was when he turned six that he finally began taking official lessons, giving his father much praise then. But time continued on and his love for the piano still grew but more arguments ensued between father and son. Adel wanted to expand his lessons and learn everything--his father only wanted traditional German music.

Adel was often heavily criticized on his music by his father, Adel would bark right back with insults saying that his father never knew anything about anything. Yelling often in English at the man because he knew he couldn't understand it, knowing he also hated it. Because of his father, Adel began to push everyone away who even began to try speaking to him about music. He believes himself lucky to have inherited his mother's sense of compassion and believes the only thing he took from his father is stubbornness. He left home after his eighteenth birthday and began making a living by playing his piano at sophisticated restaurants and the like. Though, he does miss home a little.
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Do You Hear the Music? {Adel Schmidt}
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