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  Demon Hunter-Storm The Gates Of Hell

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PostSubject: Demon Hunter-Storm The Gates Of Hell      Demon Hunter-Storm The Gates Of Hell  EmptyMon Nov 28, 2011 11:50 am

Demon Hunter-Storm The Gates Of Hell

Alright, well...Demon Hunter's new album came out around late 2007 and I wanted to give a little opinion on it. Aside from their previous 3 albums, they have A LOT more singy songs. I don't have a problem with their vocals but more than half of the album is singin and no growls or screaming. BUT, as for screaming the vocalist really pushed himself by somewhat straining his voice in songs such as "Thread Of Light" and "Storm The Gates Of Hell". For all of you people who don't have the cd(and I assume most of you have your hands on it if you really like DH) I reccomend it to anyone really...also check out the album Summer Of Darkness Its a great album.

This post is for all the Hunters out there or people who were kinda curious about the new cd.

P.S.-This is my first post and I really don't know if I did it right. So when you read this(IF you read this) Tell me how I did, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Demon Hunter-Storm The Gates Of Hell
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