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 Can casual sex become a relationship?

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Can casual sex become a relationship? Empty
PostSubject: Can casual sex become a relationship?   Can casual sex become a relationship? EmptyTue Nov 29, 2011 6:31 am

I have been seing some guy for 3 months. He used to take me out places and we get along really well. He told me at the beginning that he has never had a girlfriend ( hes 23) but from the start kind of made out that he did want a relationship with me.
Anyway last week he says that he doesnt want to commit to a relationship with me or anybody but still wants to see me..the other day he came round and as soon as he went i just burst into tears..I really really like him.. I told him- " i want to see you, but not if all it is is sex" he said " well if it isnt that then it will be a relationship and i dont want that" Hes got me exactly were he wants me and he knows it. I dont chase guys, and I know very well when a guy doesnt like me and if he was into me then he would want a relationship blah blah blah. But this guy is different, he has so much about him and I knew from the first time i ever went out with him i would end up falling for him..
I know it isnt a good idea but i feel as though I cant just stop seing him, its making me really really upset..any ideas on what I can do, should i give him space? and If i took the risk and continued to see him could It ever turn into anything more serious? im 22 and he is only the 2nd person I have slept with so I dont make a habit of been used by guys.



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Can casual sex become a relationship?
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