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 Is this indeed mania?

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PostSubject: Is this indeed mania?   Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:14 am

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by my psychiatrist over 5 weeks ago.I don't have alot of insight into my moods.I wrote down how i felt during my last high which was 3 months ago. I am going to give it to my psychiatrist at my next appointment as i think it will help her.Do you mind reading it and telling me whether it is indeed mania?Thank you

"At first it felt good as i was so happy and euphoric and ontop of the world and invincible.I felt like a rich and famous celebrity.I had so much energy and my confidence was sky high and i felt very creative.Then my thoughts started to race and i spoke really fast and i didn't sleep for days.I also blew lots of money on things i couldn't afford and had unprotected sex with girls and i was very irritable"



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Is this indeed mania?
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