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 Mayor's Presentation (Exemple)

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Mayor's Presentation (Exemple) Empty
PostSubject: Mayor's Presentation (Exemple)   Mayor's Presentation (Exemple) EmptyTue May 27, 2008 4:26 pm

Name : Alan O'Connell, born Alan Thorne

Age : 47

Job : Mayor

Birthday : NA

House : Mayor's Mansion

Farm's/Store Name :

Characteristic : Intelligent, Grasping, Manipulator, Solitary person, Serious, Strange

Story : The Mayor lived with his parents. They were acting like a perfect couple, but in reality, their wedding was broke. His mother was depressive and his father was a playboy, always dating with a new girl, and also an alcoholic. A day, when he was really drunk, he beat his mother. After this day, he always did that, 1 time per week. Exaspered of seeing his mother like that, Alan took his backpack with some clothes in it, and run away with his mother.
They arrived in a big town and his mother meet the mayor of the town, who fall in love with her. They get married and Alan Thorne became Alan O'Connell.
He lived in the luxury, work in the mayor's group (his father-in-law) and became his right hand at 29 years old.
When he heard that a new town was going to be build on a tiny island, he manipulate his "new" father to make him buy the island and become a new Mayor.

Signature Part :

Thing I Love the Most : Money

3 Thing I Like : Flattery, Power & Obedience

3 Thing I Dislike : Lot of People, Nature, Animal

Thing I Hate : His real Father

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Mayor's Presentation (Exemple)
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