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 Mirai's Presentation

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PostSubject: Mirai's Presentation   Mirai's Presentation EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 6:59 pm

Name :Mirai

Age :17

Job :Pet Shop Owner

Birthday :Fall 21

House :A flat above the pet shop

Farm's/Store Name :Out of the Cage

Characteristic :Shy, quiet, and polite to everyone. She adores all animals and tries her very best to take good care of them.

Story :Mirai was raised by her mother and father far away in a small town. Her mother had owned a flower shop, therefore Mirai loves flowers, however she has always loved animals and decided to move out and open her own pet store. She has never liked big cities or towns, so when she came upon this valley, she decided to open her shop here.

Signature Part :

Thing I Love the Most :Purple flowers

3 Thing I Like : Chocolate, all other flowers, Animals

3 Thing I Dislike :Zucchini, Cockroaches, Most things that are pink

Thing I Hate :Venomous spiders
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Mirai's Presentation
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