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 Lynn's presentation

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PostSubject: Lynn's presentation   Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:56 pm

Name: Jacelyn 'Lynn' Ushiromiya

Age: 18

Job: journalist/writer, hopes to get another job

House: just arrived, looking for one

Characteristics: humorous, sweet, resourceful, mood swings, stubborn

Lynn was bullied as a child, but knew that bullying others wouldn't solve her problems. She has caring parents, and didn't want to worry them. Lynn was a city kid, but moved into the country later on as a teen. Her teens years were probably the best in her life so far... Now that's she an adult officially, she's looking for her place in the world. Lynn hopes to get married, and write a book for her special person/family. She's already written 2 books so far about animals, which is a big interest of her's.

Signature part:

Mostly loves: Farm animals

3 things I like: Bluebell flowers, honey, farm products

3 things I dislike: being disliked, the city, animal abuse

Mostly hates: snobs
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Lynn's presentation
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