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 Candeline's here~

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Candeline Harsh

Candeline Harsh

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Candeline's here~ Empty
PostSubject: Candeline's here~   Candeline's here~ EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 4:31 pm

Name : Candeline Harsh

Age : 17

Job : She doesn't have a job yet, but she'd like to become a fashon designer.

Birthday : 5th Summer

House : Just moved, she's looking for one.

Farm's/Store Name : //

Characteristic : Some kind of a tsundere girl: introvert and a bit standoffish. Once she opens up, she can be really nice.

Story : She lived with her parents for a long time. One day, her beloved mother died because of a grave illness. Because of that, she changed completely, she didn't want to talk to anyone and stayed most of the time all by her self. Later on, Candeline became even more introvert and standoffish. She tought that no one could ever know how she felt and so she decided to leave her home town to start again.

Signature Part :
Thing I Love the Most : Strawberries.

3 Thing I Like : Tea, flowers and quite people.

3 Thing I Dislike : Eggplants, fishes, mushrooms.

Thing I Hate : Frogs.
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Candeline's here~
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