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 Momo, Moving to the village.

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Momo, Moving to the village. Empty
PostSubject: Momo, Moving to the village.   Momo, Moving to the village. EmptyFri Jan 07, 2011 10:44 pm


Name : Momo

Age : 19

Job : Inn Waitress. [[If thats okay??]]

Birthday : 2nd of Summer.

House : House no 9 [??]

Farm's/Store Name : [[Nothing yet, A cafe in the future hopefully.]

Characteristic : Girly, Bubbly, Sociable, Friendly, Kind, Sometimes childish.

Story : Momo has always lived just outside the village in a small town with her immediate family, and decided it was time for a change, moving into the village now she was older, trying to find herself some independence, She loves baking cakes and hopes to own her own cafe one day.
She is very girly and adores all animals, her favourite colour is pink.
Signature Part :
Thing I Love the Most : Pinkcat Flowers.

3 Thing I Like : Strawberry Cheesecake, Animals, Sweets.

3 Thing I Dislike : Pickles, Ore, Weeds.

Thing I Hate : Burnt Food.

[[If anythings wrong, tell me and I'll change it ]]

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Momo, Moving to the village.
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