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PostSubject: Prices!!!!!   Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:49 pm

You walk up to the purple log cabin and ring the doorbell. Fur Elice (If you don't know that song, it's classical music) plays and a girl dressed like a princess answers the ring. "Welcome," She says."to a Stitch in time." On this board, we have the prices. You look there, and this is what you see.

Girls Clothing (20 g each):
Flower Power-- overalls with flowers on them
Same as my heart, before: Overalls with hearts on them
Butterfly dress: Like it sounds.
Panda's favorite: A dress with bamboo stalks all over it and a chibi panda on the back.
Flamed: A dress with flames on the bottom
Dragon tee: A t-shirt with a dragon on it.
Smiley t-shirt: A tee with A happy face on them
Kaki shorts

Boys clothing (Also 20 g):
Cloudy, with a storm: Overalls with a stormcloud on them
B-balling: Overalls with a basketball on them (Also comes in Baseball, Soccer & Hockey)
Robot t-shirt
Sport shirt
Bomb t-shirt
Blue jeans
Shorts (Red, Blue, Green, Camio)

(Sets are clothes that go together. Prices may vary.)
Robot set (Boys, 24 g)
Mime trick or treating set: (Either, 23 g)
Black cat trick or treat set: (Girls, 24 g)
Fairy trick or treat set: (Girls, 30 g)
Motercycle rider trick or treat set: (Boys, 30 g)
Harvest sprite trick or treat set: (Either, 24 g)
May be updated later.
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