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 Stewarding Department Training Guideline Knowing the Company

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PostSubject: Stewarding Department Training Guideline Knowing the Company   Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:15 pm

Before a new kitchen steward joins the workforce of a restaurant, he first has to get to know the company, of course. This way, he will know what the restaurant expects of him and, at the same time, the restaurant will know what he expects to learn from them.
Here are the things that a new kitchen steward should know.
The Company/Restaurant
You first have to get to know the company. This, of course, includes the name of restaurant. You should also know the brief history of the restaurant, who owns the restaurant, who are its chefs especially the executive chef, what are its achievements, etc. You should also know what the mission and vision of the restaurant are and its ideals.
A restaurant usually has informal meetings for this very reason. At these meetings, they will get to know who their superiors are as well as the other associates. They will also get the chance to introduce themselves to the rest of the restaurant staff.
If the kitchen steward still has some difficulties getting to know who is who, then he can make use of the organization chart. This will clearly tell the new employee who is who and what positions they hold in the restaurant.
The Rules and Regulations
Aside from getting to know the restaurant and the people behind it, the kitchen steward also has to know the rules and regulations of the restaurant. The new kitchen steward is usually given a booklet of the restaurant's rules and regulations, and it is the duty of the new kitchen steward to understand and practice them. However, if there are any questions or if the new kitchen steward needs any clarification on any of the rules and regulations, he is encouraged to ask questions. That way, all things will be clear prior to starting on the new assignment.
Because the stewarding department falls under the food and beverage department, the new kitchen steward also has to study and understand the rules and regulations of the food and beverage department, especially those for the Stewarding Department and most particularly the policies regarding his position.
As he will notice, cleanliness and hygiene of the staff are given the utmost importance particularly since they will be working with or near food.
The Kitchen
The new kitchen steward is also given a tour of the different kitchens in the restaurant. Of course, since these areas will be his workplace, too, depending on where he will be assigned, he has to familiarize himself with the different kitchens.
During the tour, he will also learn of the different dishwashing machines as well as how to operate and use each one. Aside from this, he will also be taught about the different cleaning and washing agents used in the restaurant and how to properly store them.
If he has any questions regarding any of the rules and regularities of the restaurant and his department, he should always ask so as to avoid confusion and errors while at the job.

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Stewarding Department Training Guideline Knowing the Company
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