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 Andrew's Presentation

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PostSubject: Andrew's Presentation   Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:36 pm

Name : Andrew Norton

Age : 22

Job : Bartender

Birthday : Summer 28

House : not yet

Farm's/Store Name : Harvester's pub

Charateristic : Smart, Funny, cool, Brave, and always loves the ladies.

Story : When Andrew was 17, he was always wondering about the ladies. One day he will open a bar and proves that he will be the " ladies man". Also Andrew is single and has little friends.

Signature Part :
Thing I Love the Most : Love

3 Things I Like : Alcohal, making friends, and apples

3 Things I Dislike : Being alone, pumpkins, and peas

Thing I Hate : Violence[u]
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Andrew's Presentation
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