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 Lily's Presentation

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Lily Evans

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PostSubject: Lily's Presentation   Lily's Presentation EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 11:05 pm

Hi, I hope this forum is still active, cause I'd love to RP!


Name: Lily Dawn Evans cat

Age: 16

Type: Magic

Work Desired: Animal Rancher - 2nd Job Hero

Birthday: Fall 16

The House you Want: Still Looking For One!

Characteristics: Kind Hearted, Funny, Naive, Klutzy

The Name of your Farm/Store or whatever else (but not of your house): Lily's Animal Managerie

Location of your shop(N/W/S): W

Location of your house(N/S/W/E)[will be placed in the housing areas]: W

Lily was raised by her grandmother for the majority of her young life until her grandmother died just months before her sixteenth birthday. Her parents had been in an accident involving monsters as they were both mages when Lily was only three years old. Alone, with just a bit of money from her grandmother, she left to make herself known as an animal rancher.

These other thing, you have to put them in your signature :
The Thing I Love the Best in the World: Blue Rose <3
3 Thing I Like: Strawberry, Medicine, Milk
3 Thing I Dislike: Ore, Bugs, Weeds
The Thing I hate the most: Withered Grass
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Lily's Presentation
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