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  Moving from the Property and Casualty Insurance examination

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PostSubject: Moving from the Property and Casualty Insurance examination    Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:08 pm

As stock and real estate agents, you must first have a state license for you to legally sell insurance products. As you know, a sale of products that involve the safety and security of individuals, households, businesses, compensation and benefits for their employees (if any) the relief of unfortunate events like fire, accidents, the death of a family member and what not.

For you to be an insurance certificate, must be able to pass the property and accident insurance. To help with this, here is a list of tips on how to ace the test and get licensed.

Get your materials ready. This means that the study guides and other materials such as tests and simulations of the reviewers.
For property section of the exams ...

Familiarize yourself with all major concepts and issues to be addressed in the review. Basically, there are eight main topics covered in the exam: Insurance Regulation, the basics of property insurance, homeowners, housing, insurance and general knowledge of all subtypes of insurance, such as boat owners and floods and fires.

Get your nose in books. Read about the basics of homeowners insurance at the same time, to study their rates, risks, loss assessment and the basic structure and provisions of insurance. Also, try to learn about the concepts of insurance in terms of residence and homeowners. Learn about what they cover and what not.

Knowing how to stay informed about what is necessary to maintain the license, and what behavior or disciplinary measures to sanction the suspension or revocation of his license. Study measures the commercial insurance policy. This includes the terms and conditions of trade policies in general and how to cover the loss of farms inland sea, machinery and other commercial properties in general. Emergency Service Test ...

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Moving from the Property and Casualty Insurance examination
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