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 How much money does a web designer make per year??

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PostSubject: How much money does a web designer make per year??   Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:12 am

It depends. If they are educated at a dependable college then they will make a pretty decent living. If they took a few online classes and don't have a respectable portfolio they can expect to not make very much. If they have over 6 years experience they will make more. A web designer in their prime in Chicago with 6-7 years exp. would likely be in the 55-70K depending on their attitude, work ethic and skillset. If you have some programming capabilities you can likely be at the high end of this range. Great thing about a good web designer is that you can always freelance on the side and make another 5-10K per year.
Chicago web designer
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How much money does a web designer make per year??
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