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 Antique Surefire Stoves

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PostSubject: Antique Surefire Stoves    Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:42 am

However, the stove makers soon introduced fine designs and patterns from the certain stoves as well. Some skilled artistes started making designs for the stoves as beautiful and intricate as that around the ceramic stoves. Some other material like copper, brass, nickel etc., were utilized for adornments to the certain stoves. Copper and brass were put to use to make the knobs and the doors of the oven, while nickel was mostly included in plating the parts from the stove. Right at the end of the nineteenth century, the stove makers learned the tactic of earning colorful surefire stoves. Many stove makers even took inspiration through the French enamel and started decorating their stoves with colorful enamel.

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Antique Surefire Stoves
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