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  Illia enters town

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 Illia enters town	 Empty
PostSubject: Illia enters town     Illia enters town	 EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 3:32 am

Name: Illia Yune




Farm/store name:

Characteristic: Quiet, soft spoken, drawn back, seperated, mysterious.

Story: She's quiet, and she has no home. She's thinking over her past, and hoping for a brighter future. She came to town, not really planning, going with the wind. She doesn't like to talk much with people older than her. She's scared of going back where she came, for a reason she won't tell.

Signature Part:
Thing I love most: Shiny gems, especially emeralds

3 things I like: Yarn, strawberries, coral

3 things I dislike: Crowds, noise, cold

Thing I hate: Past

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Illia enters town
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