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  Boku da yo...!! Lunatia desu.

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 Boku da yo...!! Lunatia desu.	 Empty
PostSubject: Boku da yo...!! Lunatia desu.     Boku da yo...!! Lunatia desu.	 EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 4:31 am

Name :Lunatia

Age :18

Job :Supermarket owner( 24 Colours), and ocarina player for music fest, if can

Birthday :27 Winter

House :my house together with supermarket

Farm's/Store Name :24 Colours

Characteristic :
caring, and pretty smart girl with plenty new ideas pops put anytime
anywhere.And likes to experiment on something she likes.Have a great
memory to remember things and always help people around her who needs
help.Will get angry when people talks bad about her and her friends.A
bit to stubborn side.
She's excel in house work, cooking and baking,
where as for art, she's have quite a different taste from others, which
is unique.

Story :Her parents was dead tragically killed when slaughter happened back in her hometown(the town was burnt down into ash).she's the only one survival. she found lost so much blood and hospitalized for weeks and was thought will never survive.Because of that, she lost part of her memory and most of her background at the past.Now she's adopted by a family which she's with right now.After years, she decided to move from that town on journey to regain her
memory back.

(Signature Part )
Thing I Love the Most :Jewels(gems included)

3 Thing I Like :Flowers, Cakes, Books

3 Thing I Dislike :Bugs,Junk,Fish bones

Thing I Hate :Insects

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Boku da yo...!! Lunatia desu.
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