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 Sorena's Here!!!

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PostSubject: Sorena's Here!!!   Sorena's Here!!! EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 6:53 pm

Name : Sorena Zakucia (can call me Sorenie, Soren-chan, Sorenie-chan, or Shadow)

Age : 17

Job : nothing~yet

Birthday : Summer 24

House : anywhere's fine ^^

Farm's/Store Name : nothing~yet

Characteristic : Sorena is very shy at first, but she loves to have fun and hang out, but only with her friends. She'll act very different, very strange and louder, if you become good friends with her. She's not afraid to state her independence, but if she likes someone (a boy) she gets even shyer and won't talk as much. Also, she tries to be very un-girly, but when she's trying to impress a boy, she acts girlier.

Story : Sorena just decided living with her parents was annoying (especially when she had to be home-shcooled and her mom smoothered her) and left to find herself a better town. Of course her parents worry, but they know~she almost left without telling them.
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Sorena's Here!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sorena's Here!!!   Sorena's Here!!! EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 9:39 pm

.... sorry the joke XD

First off ... Welcome to the Forum! Happy
..... even though neither passes through the dust here Hum... , but I promise that if you need to talk to someone, I will remain active, well, if you need to live, Pepi-chan to ask if you can stay in a room of the Inn and if you do not work as an honor that would help us in the kitchen of the Inn .... the pay is not very good but that survive well XD
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Sorena's Here!!!
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