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  How to Set Up an Investment Strategy

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PostSubject: How to Set Up an Investment Strategy    Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:25 am

A metal is said to be precious is it's rare.
As with most elements, what makes one valuable is its rarity combined to the desirability (the demand for that particular metal). All metals are minerals but some and more rare and some are more beautiful than others.
Precious metals are natural metallic elements with a high economic value due to their rareness.
Success in precious metals investing will be more likely to happen if you have a solid investment strategy.
If you are thinking about investing in precious metals, then you must know a few things.
Set up a trading approach. For example:
-First, ask yourself is this type of investment is appropriate for you
-Determine how much of your investment capital you are going to dedicate to precious metals
-Are going to stick to one asset or diversify? (Example: stocks, bullions coins, options)
-Do you have other investment that should be sold for precious metals?
-Are you going to go with small frequent purchases of different products or are you going with larger infrequent purchases?
-At what point will you enter a trade

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How to Set Up an Investment Strategy
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