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 Computer to Computer

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PostSubject: Computer to Computer   Computer to Computer EmptyMon Aug 22, 2011 6:00 am

M to M Is a technology that enables systems and devices to talk to one another with the same ability! What this does is enables these devices to pull in and/or send out data or events from one machine to another such as inventory levels of products in a vending machine to a vendor, so that they know when to send someone to refill it. Or the same vending machines to send diagnostic events, like malfunctions, inventory levels, and temperatures to that same vendor to increase the effectiveness of that machine. It uses a language that called telemetry. In times past they used to be called telemetry devices, and one device would communicate with only one other device, however, like any technology, it has improved and now one device can communicate with multiple devices. It is like a network of machines communicating with one another. It uses SMS to transmit the telemetry information from device to device. The best practical example is RED BOX MOVIES.

Who actually started M2M, the true commencement, is very hard to pinpoint, but it came into essence in 2000 and had a turning point in its use in 2009. A few wireless companies decided to partner in the use, development, and deployment of this technology in the U.S. and Europe. Since then more and more companies have seen the potential of m2m and now are jumping on board, using it to increase productivity, efficiency, as well as reduce labor costs and continuing costs of operation. Now it is predicted that the number of m2m connections will be approximately 187 million by or before 2014, which is 2 short years away! This speaks significant growth for this technology in just 14 short years.

So what does this mean for me? Well there are many contrasting viewpoints regarding M2M, however while this technology is great for business output and efficiency, at the same time it is replacing a lot of the man power and labor that is/was just not as efficient. This enables businesses to become more lucrative which is good,but it cuts a lot of jobs of the working class which is bad. So the rich get rich and the middle class gets discarded. The example I like the most is Red Box. Why? Well there is a red box on just about every corner. They are in grocery stores, Wal-marts, pharmacies across the nation. They are great because they provide quick, easy, and instant access to cheap movies and video games to rent or buy. On the opposite end of the range are the movies stores (i.e. blockbuster and many others) that have not been able to compete, and simply gone out of business. well at least in my town. These companies employed a lot of people from high school part timers to business professionals that were store managers and/or franchise owners. Just the other day I heard that block buster has a similar product that mirrors the Red Box.

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Computer to Computer
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