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  North Canara and South Canara in 1860

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  North Canara and South Canara in 1860  Empty
PostSubject: North Canara and South Canara in 1860      North Canara and South Canara in 1860  EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 1:19 am

he city was largely peaceful during British rule, with urban and infrastructural developments affected during the period. Mangalore flourished in education and in industry, becoming a commercial centre for trade.[24] The opening of the Lutheran German Basel Mission in 1834 brought many cotton weaving and tile manufacturers to the city.[45] When Canara (part of the Madras Presidency until this time) was bifurcated into North Canara and South Canara in 1860, Mangalore was transferred into South Canara and became its headquarters.[14] South Canara remained under Madras Presidency, while North Canara was transferred to Bombay Presidency in 1861.[46] The enactment of the Madras Town Improvement Act (1865) mandated the establishment of the Municipal council on May 23, 1866, which was responsible for urban planning and providing civic amenities.[19] Roman Catholic missions to Mangalore like the Italian Jesuit "Mangalore Mission" of 1878 played an important role in education, health, and social welfare.[47] The linking of Mangalore in 1907 to the Southern Railway, and the subsequent proliferation of motor vehicles in India, further increased trade and communication between the city and the rest of the country.[48]
As a result of the States Reorganisation Act (1956), Mangalore (part of the Madras Presidency until this time) was incorporated into the dominion of the newly created Mysore State (now called Karnataka).[5] Mangalore is a major city of Karnataka, providing the state with access to the Arabian Sea coastline. Mangalore experienced significant growth in the decades 197080, with the opening of New Mangalore Port on May 4, 1974 and commissioning of Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited on March 15, 1976.[49][50] The late 20th century saw Mangalore develop as a business, commercial and information technology (IT) centre, although the traditional red tile-roofed houses are still retained in the city.

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North Canara and South Canara in 1860
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