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  Silence in the heightened mass of ??

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 Silence in the heightened mass of ?? Empty
PostSubject: Silence in the heightened mass of ??    Silence in the heightened mass of ?? EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 1:20 am

How ace are buildings!
How big are the blocks
Reminds me of London, stuck in a graveyard

Six foot deep, bleaker street, no one lives out
People smile, never got the time
I look down I can not see the ground
A man who reads the news says there's no crime
There's no one around
There wasn't a sound
There's no one to arrest today

Fell in love with it, don't want to leave it
Don't ever what to go back
Skateboards are cheaper, don't want it bigger
Whole place stops for the winter of '96

-10, 1pm east village time
I laugh at your ?? you bought
Snow, snow, so we walk 70 blocks
On days like this nothing seems to far
Get in shot, I don't ask a lot
The weather was frozen, there wasn't a ??

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Silence in the heightened mass of ??
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