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 HMRPG's Rules

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PostSubject: HMRPG's Rules   HMRPG's Rules EmptyWed May 07, 2008 11:41 pm


1. Name
In order to correctly play the game, you need a name, and a real one. Nothing that doesn't look like the name of someone with numbers and all. So, the names rosi_7907, NamiHarvestMoon or whatever else is formaly forbidden. For those who seen that only after registered, just go to your profile and change your username. And don't forget the capital letter at the beginning of your name, please. Also, you can't have the name of a celebrity, your username have to be the same has your character name and you can't be a person from a Harvest Moon game (Nami, Gray, Chelsea, etc).
So, examples of correct names are Stephan, Roxanne, Michelle, Arnaud and whatever that look like a person's name.

2. Language
For those of you who always use SMS, we are not on your cellphone, and i don't want to try to understand what you say. A little "u" from time to time is okay, but something like wat r u doing? can u plz help me? , that is too exagered.
For the language on the forum, i want everyone to use these sort of things, 'cause i don't want to get all mixed up because everyone is using a different way to talk in game. So here how it goes :

  • For an action, like enter a place, cry or read a book, it's in italic, and only in italic.

  • For talking, just write this way, or use or " ".

  • For thinking, use the * *. When someone think something about you, you can't talk about that think, cause nobody here can read in the head of people.
Example :
The mayor was in his house, cleaning all up. People of the Town were going to come at his house, take a cup of tea and talk about important things. He were cleaning the old clock that was to his grandma when the bell suddenly ring. The mayor, scared, almost bring down the clock, but he catch it before it continues his run and get broken on the floor.
*Fiouuuuuh, that was close! Who's there? Ah! Maybe the townspeople!*
He go to the door and open it.
Hi, everyone! I didn't expect your visit at this time!
*I hope i will not be too ridiculous*

3. Avatar

You will need an avatar, who will be how your character look. You're obliged to have one, and i recommend you to modify it to make it more personnal, but you're not obliged. Your avatar have to be an Harvest Moon one, and I prefer the ones from HMDS, HM:Island and HM:Sunshine.

Here is some sites for the avatar:
DS : Guy and Gals
DS : Townspeople
Special People
DS : Children
DS : Harvest Sprites
Island : People
Sunshine : People

Has you know, on the previous forum, people just talked in the Presentation, about things with no relationship with Harvest Moon. Like on the other one, you can't post in the presentation thing (or only if the thing you're saying is about the person's presentation). When you get to a place (Beach, Library, Stores or whatever
else, exept the OOC) you have to enter here in first, or already be in
it but doing something, like in your house. You can't just show up and
start talking somewhere. So the correct way is to use the italic for action first, and then talk or do just do something. We're not in Heroes, nobody have super power.
So nothing about changing in animal, alright? We are normal people of Harvest Moon.
Also, it is now forbidden to make a presentation of your own forum. Why?
'Cause on my previous one, almost all the people who present another forum have never showed up again, and that's really bad, cause they were important people (i think). If you try to present your forum somewhere, you'll be banned for one week. And don't talk about your forum in MP! If someone tell me you've been annoying him/her with pub, you'll be banned for 2 weeks.
And, like on the other forum, you can't post in the house's/shop's/place's presentation. I just for you to know how does it look like. It's all. If you want to visit someone, make your own topic. Don't always show up in the topic of the other person.
And, i saw on the other forum that sometimes, we have not always something to say, so you can make your topic more serious and all. Here's the different topic you can make :

  • Heart Event : Event between a boy and a girl. Except these 2, nobody can post in it. If you do, you'll be punished.
  • Random Event : An event about anything. A maximum of 3 persons can participate in it. You can have a precise story, or can randomly talk (things about the forum please, not Pokemon or Naruto).
  • Festival Event : Event about a festival. Indication about the festival will be gived in the Square, and what kind of activities we can do in it.
  • Special Event : Event that put some stress and all, like the disparition of the people on the island or a story about a ghost and all. If you want to make a topic like that, you have to tell it to me by MP, before making it. If it's ok, i will let you do it, and only 4 persons can participate (the person who create the topic and 3 other person).
  • Family Event : Event just between a family. That mean people who aren't in this family can participate to this event. If the event is in a restaurant or in someone with a salesman, this person can participate, just to purpose something to eat or whatever else, but not begin to always be present!
If you have idea of event to make, just say it to me in PM.

After have understood these rules, just go present your character, and good game! Smile
Thanks for reading.
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HMRPG's Rules
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