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PostSubject: HMRPG's HDIW   HMRPG's HDIW EmptyThu May 08, 2008 8:39 pm

How Does It Works?

Lot of people could find a little bit strange how it goes here on the forum, but i'm trying to make it the funniest possible.


I don't find very cool that you have to wait one entire years in real to have a years pass in the forum. So i decided that 1 years on the forum is 4 months. Like in the Harvest Moon's Game, there aren't a lot of month ; only 4, for the 4 seasons : Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
For example, the Spring's Season will be in May, Summer will be in June, Fall in July and Winter in August.

Character's Story
One of the new thing is that you have to build a story about your character : It can be darker, you can have a secret family and all. Each people can have his own problem and all. But when someone tell is story in the presentation, it's only for you to know what kind of person he/she his : if he/she don't told you his story in the game, your character can't know it.

Some people could be afraid, but you character can die (if you stay on the forum for a long time). Each years in game (4 months) count has :

  • 3 more years for a toddler
  • 3 more years for a child (you became a child at 7-8 years old)
  • 2 more years for a teenager (You became a teenager at 14-15 years old)
  • 2 more years for an adult (You became an adult at 19 years old)
So, when you have 18 and your birthday pass, you don't have 19, but 20 years old. When you have 2 years old, after your birthday you have 5.

People lower then 18 years old can't have a real job. The only job you can take is part of the staff somewhere, at the Inn, the Restaurant, the Bakery, the Supermarket, and even in a Farm if someone need helps!

If you want to, you can also kill your character, or he/she could die naturally, but in either of way, you can a new character after your first was dead. You can't have 2 characters, except if you impersonate your grandson/granddaughter (more precision in Family).
Note : You're not obliged to be young because everyone is. You can be someone of 30 or 40 years old, it's not the end of time 'cause of that

You can, if you want, have more than one love (and then these guy can "competite" for your love if you're a girl). Keep that in mind : You can only use the heart if the boy/girl interest you. I know the Blue & Green Heart are just Good Friend/Best Friend, but you're not going to list aaaaaall the person who are your friends! When you are intersted in someone, just put his/her name with the black heart in your signature and saw if she add it too.
There is 4 Heart Event (Black, Purple, Blue and Yellow) and, for example, you do the blue one when you have a blue heart for the guy/the girl. Now, you're obliged to wait one week each time to change your heart, 'cause i don't want couple to be create too fast. And when you change the heart, it has to be in the correct order (Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red).
Note : You're not obliged to get married on the forum. You can be already a couple with someone you know or someone from the other forum, and you can already have a son/daughter.


HMRPG's HDIW Heart_black = Stranger
HMRPG's HDIW Heart_purple = Friend
HMRPG's HDIW Heart_blue = Good Friend
HMRPG's HDIW Heart_green = Best Friend
HMRPG's HDIW Heart_yellow = Very Close
HMRPG's HDIW Heart_orange = Boyfriend/Girlfriend
HMRPG's HDIW Heart_red=Fall in Love/Married

You can have a child, with another person, or you can adopt one. If you have it with someone else, the woman have to be pregnant at last 1 month and your child have to be a little baby at last 2 months. After, you can ask a friend or a person on the forum to be the baby has a toddler.
The relative and the child are obliged to have a minimum of 15 years of difference. A teenager of 16 years old can be pregnant, but i will decide if she can be pregnant (with head or tails).
If you're old and your son/daughter want to have a child, you can be that child, but only in that case. You can't have 2 character in an other case.

Yay, money! Now, everyone will begin with a certain amount of money (1000 for adult to be more precise) and according to your job, you will receive a different amount of money per weeks. It's you who make your account at the bank. Each time you receive money, you'll write lower the last update of money (when you win and lose money). If someone give you money, you can't write it yourself. The person who give you the money will have to say it to a moderator, who will update the account.

House & Shop
When you receive a shop/house, don't forget to present it, say the cost of the thing and all other important information. Don't forget, please.

Come often, can change

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PostSubject: Re: HMRPG's HDIW   HMRPG's HDIW EmptyMon Dec 13, 2010 12:35 am

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