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 Motorcycle Insurance And Riding Safety Tips

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PostSubject: Motorcycle Insurance And Riding Safety Tips   Motorcycle Insurance And Riding Safety Tips EmptyTue May 17, 2011 12:18 pm

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Company gives you some good tips about motorcycles and road safety.

Can't Wait To Hit The Road On Your New Bike? Not So Fast!
Even Veteran Bikers Could Use Some Basic Training When They Switch Bikes

(NAPSI)-Whoever coined the phrase "it's just like riding a bike" probably never switched motorcycles. That's because even experienced riders can be pretty wobbly when they hop on an unfamiliar bike, according to data from the country's largest motorcycle insurer, Progressive.

The study of almost 2 million motorcycle policies over a five-year period found that riders who switch bikes are nearly 70 percent more likely to crash than riders who keep the same bike.

"Most people already know that riding can be especially dangerous for new bikers," said Rick Stern, a Progressive motorcycle product manager who is also a rider. "But our data shows that the less familiar you are with your bike, the more likely you are to be involved in a collision, regardless of your experience."

The study also found that cruiser riders who switch to sport bikes are three-and-a-half times more likely to crash. That's more than double the risk they'd have than if they had just switched to another cruiser.

Sport bikers, on the other hand, can reduce their risk by more than a third just by switching to a cruiser.

"We want experienced riders to know their risks so they can take extra precautions when they replace their bikes," said Stern. "It's a good idea for riders to take their new bike out for a couple of test drives in a parking lot before hitting the open road."

Even people who have been riding for years can benefit from practicing the basics on their new bike, Stern said, including low-speed riding, turning, shifting and swerving, and higher-speed panic stopping.

No matter what your level of experience--both on your bike and on the road--make sure you're covered with a motorcycle policy that fits your needs. Progressive offers coverages such as Trip Interruption, which can cover your lodging, food and transportation if you get stranded on the road, and Total Loss Replacement, which can replace your bike with a brand-new one if it's stolen or totaled.

For more information, visit www.motorcycle.progressive.com.

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Motorcycle Insurance And Riding Safety Tips
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