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 How To Buy & Start A Video/DVD Rental Franchise

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How To Buy & Start A Video/DVD Rental Franchise  Empty
PostSubject: How To Buy & Start A Video/DVD Rental Franchise    How To Buy & Start A Video/DVD Rental Franchise  EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 11:05 am

Most people enjoy watching a good movie every now and then. You can service this desire by buying and starting a video/DVD rental franchise. Before you do however, there are a few things you should keep in mind. This article will discuss some of them.
There are different types of video/DVD rental business that you can buy into. One idea is to start up your own rental store, although it requires a lot of overhead. You could also setup a rental machine which would bring in far more easier profits.
You will also need to think about the type of movies that you will provide. Most people nowadays watch movies on DVDs, however, you may find a few nostalgic customers that enjoy movies on a VHS tape.
You should be aware that your video/DVD rental franchise will need to buy two of everything. DVD players can't play Blue-ray discs, so you will need both versions. You may also consider renting video games too.
Like with any business, picking out a good location is vital. If you choose to buy into a DVD kiosk franchise, you'll have many options available. You can setup your machine outside of other business so their customers can become yours too.
You will simply need to talk to business owners to see if they'll allow you to setup your DVD rental franchise on their property. It's best to contact independent operators, since larger stores will likely already have these machines onsite.
If you choose to open up a brick-and-mortar rental location, getting your business up-and-running can be very difficult. You will have to compete with more well-known stores, who are already suffering loss of business themselves. Therefore, you'll have to offer great deals in order to get customers.
Your franchiser should provide you with advertising, the cost of which should be included in your initial fees. Using DVD kiosk rental machines offer various advertising methods. You can setup multimedia ads on the machine's display screen. You can also put print ads on the DVD cases themselves.
There are plenty of options for starting a video/DVD rental franchise. The riskier approach is setting up a physical store and competing with well-known brands. You could also employ the newest method which uses a DVD kiosk machine placed at convenient locations. You will also need to provide multiple versions of movies since standard DVD players can't play discs that use Blue-ray technology.

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How To Buy & Start A Video/DVD Rental Franchise
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