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PostSubject: Presentation   Presentation EmptyFri May 09, 2008 5:32 pm

Here's how you have to make your presentation. Don't try to write the number of money you have, everyone begin with 1000, except the child.
About them, lower then 16, you can't have an account. When you'll have 16, you account will be created with 200G on it.

When you want an house, don't begin to say "i want to house on my shop" or "a house close to my shop". Only the Supermarket Owner can live on his/her house. It's not that bad if you live far from your store.

Don't forget to copy/paste the part about your favorite thing in your signature (and don't forget to go in preference and say "yes" at the question "do you want to always attach the signature".

Name :

Age :

Job :

Birthday :

House :

Farm's/Store Name :

Characteristic :

Story :

Signature Part :

Thing I Love the Most :

3 Thing I Like :

3 Thing I Dislike :

Thing I Hate :

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